I will be running a LIVE BLOG, documenting all things from Continuous Line Studio; I will be posting sneak peaks into new Illustrations I am working on, Commissions I have started and showing off my prints “at home with the client” posting pictures of my work up in my customers homes.

A picture for my dad. My dad loves the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier, he thinks its an amazing piece of craftmanship and the sheer size blows his mind. He also loves Portsmouth, close to where he lives and that little pub there in the yellow “The Still & West” is one of his favourites. So when he sent me this newspaper clipping, I had to illustrate this for him as a gift. 

Francis Road did so well, I gave it an update, added finishing touches that I think now make this illustration perfect! I am so happy I live near this gem of a street!

Sunday 27th December 2020, Just finished an illustration for an old college friend who kindly asked me to illustrate her favourite pub, Lady Mildmay, which is situated in Newington Green, London.  Very Excited for Rachel to receive this and see it hung up in her beautiful home.

Thursday 24th December 2020, my latest illustration of my favourite locals shops and delis on Francis Road, Leyton. This illustration is an ode to all the small businesses and local shops out there in these strange times, an important message to support small and local suppliers.